Group Project finished!

March 13, 2009

Although i am rather late at puttin it up on here, my group project with Matt and Joe was finished and presented over a week ago and here it is!

The final presentation went pretty well, other than the fact the music didn’t suit it greatly and it all seemed rather bundled together – meaning we need to of planned it more.
If we had planned it all at the start we could of all had similar parts, as Matt’s and mine were a similar idea, actually physically making the animation, where as Joe’s was more abstract. However, Matt changed his idea half way through production so we didn’t know it what it was going to be about until Joe had finished his part, and therefore unable to completely start from scratch.

There were a lot of problems when we were compileing all three clips together, but that allowed Matt to be able to fonish his just in the nick of time as we burnt it all to DVD, which Joe foolishly refused Matt to test on the big screen as it worked on his laptop, and therefore didnt work on the television the next day at the presentation.
In the end i think Joe was better than Matt when it came to organising how he planned and completed his work and he actually stuck with the production plan he produced for us all, as did i (roughly). But if we were to do this project again i would not do a similar idea, i would rather do a more linear storyline, as aplitting it into three made it difficult for people to tell what was going on.


Final Drawing Workshop

November 28, 2008

…of this semester at least , haha.

To start the lesson off, we had to draw the figures using only simple angular lines to represent the bodies. And then eventually we could add on to the simple lines.

Then for this next part of the lesson we had to draw the figures but with our eyes closed or not looking at the paper or with our opposite hand.

The after those we had to drawn the figure uside down and then draw the figure of a person walking around the room, but with the different stages – then we had to do the same task but so the figure has changed emotions.

Here we had to continue our emotive walks and skips, then we had to draw the figure but by only using the shadows cast by a lamp and finally had to draw the same pose but using a different kind of line to show anger, optimism and confusion.

Same task as before with the various kinds of lines, but with a different model and different emotions, followed then by a storyboard using either of the models we had done.


Lip Synching Workshop

November 21, 2008

This is a compilation of short clips of lip synch i made with George in Lydia’s Lip Synch Workshop last tuesday.
We were given a small sound clip from a larger one (or in our case too very small clips) which we then animated and put into a whole sequence.

I found it very fun to cut out and put the parts into action, and the synching on the Drago program was not very hard to pick up at all. I will most defenitly be attempting something like this again sometime!


Abstract Cannons

November 17, 2008

Last fridays Drawing workshop was all about abstract art, and in the second half of the day, We had to paint to the music of the radio – occassionally doing literally what was being said on the radio but most of the time just painting more abstractlly, then ending in a paragraph which was read from a book that we had to paint how we were visualising it.

I didn’t personally find doing this to be to my taste, because im not a huge fan of creating or seeing abstarct art in general, but at least i can say i had tried it.

And i also forgot to post this animation testfrom a week ago, which Joe helped shoot at home and then upload it into flash to then edit:

It is a cannon firing animation test, one of my better attempts, considering the cannon appears to have a mind of its own and fires and moves back smoothly.


Drawing Workshop Scans

November 11, 2008

I thought i’d update the blog with a few pages from my Drawing Workshop classes, to show my progress and such. For the classes we only had a minute or so to draw each of the poses that were made, we each did a pose for the rest of the class so it went round in a circle. Hopefully you will be able to see some sort of progress!

Click images for bigger

The next two scans are different from the others, the first one is from an exercise where we had to first draw a scene with just lines, then one using just shading and finally one with a horizon line. In the second scan, there is a storyboard from where we had to draw each of the poses people made in one of the panels and add shading to alter the mood of each.

Click images for bigger

The next two were for an imaginary storyboard where we were give just a random clipping from a newspaper, mine being ‘Strangers on a train‘ The first is the original storyboard in various shapes (to give it a different feel), and the second is where i tried to mesh all the final panels together into one big image.
I like the way the ‘big image’ storyboard turned out because it sets an intresting mood and i think its visually more fun to look at.

Click images for bigger

And as you can see, this was the character design for Larry Stevens (the character that i used in my character animation test in the post before this).

Click for bigger

This next storyboard is a VERY rough outline storyboard for my part in a group project about provoking emotion in animation and such, ours (Me, Matt & Joe) being about how we first got into animating using that moment of inspiration.

As you can see it’s VERY rough and not clear at all, so expect better details and maybe a animatic before long.

And finally i will leave you with something unrelated to the rest of these images, but something else in my sketchpad – it is a character called Bob my friend Matt made up a good half a decade a go, which i attempted to improve, and i think he looked pretty nifty, so yeah, hope you like bob.

Click for bigger


Carrotar Animooshen

November 3, 2008

Last Tuesday we had Phillip Warner come in to teach us some character designing and animation, Here is a simplified version of my own character, that we each designed in Lewis’ session last friday or so, animated;

I was quite pleased with the finished result, but to improve it i need to add more bounce to his walk and keep him in the same place when he looks up, because he moves about a bit.


Adaption & Re-adaption group work

October 30, 2008

For this project, we had to get into small groups (ours was made up of Joe, Laura and George) and had to adapt an existing text out of the choices of poetry we were given.
Our choice was ‘Streets of Desire 4’ which was about a metaphorical woman running through a down, indicating the dreams people had of making a perfect town. Here was our finished storyboard; the second to fifth panels on the third row were by me.

For the next half of this project we had to take another group’s storyboard and improve on it by using different styles and the suggestions they were given. We discussed which to choose, and we chose ‘The Star and Chain’, a story about a child finding something a father lost a long time ago. We all discussed how we were going to do the various shots and then, chose who would do what element of the storyboard. I helped draw some of the additions to the photographs on certain shots such as in the antique store or on the stairs.
Here is our group’s final storyboard in order;